Why Have a Wedding List?? Would you like 3 toasters or 2 Kettles? How about a flowery apron the same as your great Aunt Helga's or a framed picture of Charles and Camilla?
Not fussed? No -  most couples would agree! Recently with the growing popularity of Wedding Lists, it enables the Bride and Groom to actually pick and choose the gifts that they want or NEED for their new or existing home. Perhaps one of the greatest tortures for newly weds it receiving gifts from loved ones which they know in their heart of hearts they'll ever find a home for. Having a Wedding list, while not ensuring that you definitely don't get a flowery apron will mean, that you have a lot less chance of it!

But isn't it rude to have a Wedding List?
No it isn't!
Infact most guests actually find it easier, and it is quite often the first question that guests ask when they receive their invitaition (apart from Oh I need a new outfit, hat and shoes!) is Where is the Wedding List?!?! It gives your guests the confidence to buy you a gift that they already know that you will be delighted with! At CFC Interiors, your Wedding List can include gifts from picture frames to sofa's, in other words from £5 to £100's. Which means that by picking a range of gifts at a range of prices you can pick something to suit everyone!!